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Jasmine Bull is the CEO and Creative Visionary for Unbullievable Events. She has been planning events since she was 18 years old. Beginning her career as an Administrative Assistance while attending college to receive her Bachelors in Business Management from Strayer University. After graduating from College she went on to hold a position as an executive assistant, to an auditor she realizes something wasn’t fitting and found a career as a full time Event Planner at a Country Club. She noticed then that this was her true passion and began her own company in January 2019. This industry has provided excitement in a new an unforgettable way.

Within her years Jasmine has planned events that scale from a small 20 person birthday party to a 300 person Non-Profit Gala, from a 100 Person destination wedding, to a multi-day convention for over 500+ guest.

When she created Unbullievable Events it was all about creating an experience that is truly UnBULLievable. She loves hosting events that guest have never seen or even thought about having ensuring long lasting memories and unforgettable excitement. Jasmine is becoming a “house hold” name in Prince William County area. Unbullievable Events takes simple ideas and makes them better and larger than life. There is nothing a little vision, laughter, and confetti cant accomplish when you love what you do and have passion for the key elements.

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